The Ivy House Featured on “If Walls Could Talk”

As featured on HGTV "If Walls Could Talk"The Ivy House Bed & Breakfast was built in 1921 by a locally well-known doctor, yet, Linda & Jim Nolte, the innkeepers were surprised several years ago to find all sorts of gambling paraphernalia in both the attic and basement, and some punch card-type gambling games hidden in the insulation behind some walls.

The HGTV cable TV program “If Walls Could Talk,” which shares lore and intrigue from homes rich in history–some good, some notorious, contacted the Nolte’s about their home’s past.

It is rumored that this Fortville Bed & Breakfast once housed a prohibition-era gambling operation and was visited often by legendary gangster Al Capone.

According to local stories, black limousines were regular visitors in the home’s driveway.

The innkeepers discovered many interesting items.  Behind the basement furnace, Jim discovered some glass panels pertaining to gambling. The garage storage room walls were insulated with hundreds of tabloid size wagering punch cards. There are many still there. Jim and Linda wanted to leave them there for future owners to discover.

An HGTV crew spent a full day filming a segment about the home’s rich gambling history. The innkeepers maintain a video archive for their guests if interested in viewing the segment.

Below are some photos of their discoveries and some taken during the “shoot” of the episode.