History of Inn

The Ivy House Bed & Breakfast has a unique history. We hope you find it interesting.As featured on HGTV "If Walls Could Talk"

  • The Ivy House was built in 1921 by Jess E. Ferrell, M.D. a prominent doctor from Maxwell, IN.
  • He chose this site because it was the highest elevation point in Fortville.
  • The house directly behind the Ivy House was originally in the current Ivy House location.
  • The doctor moved it to its location behind the Ivy House to make room for his new home.
  • The Noltes are the fifth and longest occupants, occupying the home from 1980 to date. After long dreaming of the idea, they decided in 2000 to make the home a Bed and Breakfast .
  • In the mid 1980’s a bit of this interesting history was found in the attic in the form of portions of old gaming tables. Apparently, at one point in its early years the basement was used to store illegal gambling equipment.
  • Over the years Jim has begun a large collection of antique doors that he has taken enormous efforts to refinish and place throughout the Ivy House. Each varies in age with the oldest being 142 years old.
  • In 1999, the home was selected to be one of the homes on the Historic Home Tour for the Fortville Sesquicentennial. Also included was the home on the lot adjacent to the Ivy House, which is also owned by the Noltes.

There have been many more stories told about the Ivy House, that add to its character and charm. Strolling about the town you are likely to encounter some in speaking to the residents of Fortville, if not, Jim and Linda will be happy to share some.

Many leave the Ivy House with amazement about it’s beautiful collection of restored antique doors. Enjoy some of Jim’s restoration work.